CentrePoint Financial Services, Inc.


CentrePoint Financial & Insurance Service is financial services and insurance agent providing the complete line of services in the Health Insurance and Real Estate Financial market place.  Mr. DeBoer and CentrePoint provides Health Insurance alternatives through as principle agent and his affiliate broker Quoteselection.com.  

Over the years CentrePoint provides financial services for clients and lenders in  over 20 states and commercially and in all 50 states commercially. The owners of the company have been in the mortgage industry since 1989 acting as a broker and direct lender.

Through the relationship CentrePoint has established with affiliates in finance and in insurance, we offer access to insurance companies, commercial lenders and residential lenders offering FHA SBA and Conventional solutions to licensed loan officers and through individuals working as employees of the affiliated companies.  

We know that as a the Broker for an authorized FHA lender you can provide the correct solution to your clients needs, great savings for you and your client. CentrePoint has originated a wide range of loans including loans for all types of credits both Residential and Commercial. We seek to provide not only the best and least cost solution but also seek to make your refinancing and/or original financing of your home fast and easy.  We also seek to maintain a high standard of integrity and honesty in all of our endeavors.

CentrePoint knows from its client’s responses that the insurance and financing solution it provides has an additional ingredient beyond just costs and the rate and fees, but a timely performance and continued services. We have an intense desire to honor our commitment to provide insurance and financial information and to provide services in a timely manner, for to do so gives us a significant position in the industry of mortgages and banking services. CentrePoint has learned that referrals from satisfied clients are our best source and our most rewarding business. By establishing control of all phases of its business, CentrePoint assures its clients a higher degree of service and quality.

CentrePoint Financial has continued to meet its business goals with these programs and is continuing to position itself to meet the needs of the future. It has been successful because of its performance and reputation. Its success in attracting qualified and motivated professionals has been to the benefit of all its clients. 

It is the objective of the management to always provide and remain committed to giving the very best service for all of our clients!