Reverse Mortgages

 Receive a lump sum, monthly payments, a line of credit or a combination

Reverse Mortgages while often misunderstood, can be a valuable tool in many situations.  We're here to set the record straight by addressing any questions you may have on the program.


Learn the Pro's and Con's
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You Determine the Terms of Your Retirement
Now you can put your home to work for you.  Is your retirement income not quite enough to do what you want? Do you have unexpected financial requirements?  If you're at least 62 years old and require additional income, then a Reverse Mortgage from CentrePoint Financial Services may just be the right solution for you.

What We Offer:

  • Available Extra Income:
    You will begin receiving monthly payments instead of making payments.  This special program allows you to refinance your home without having to repay the loan for as long as you are occupying the home.

  • Easy Qualifying:
    No income, employment or credit qualifying restrictions required. 
  • Flexibility in Payment Disbursement:
    Receive your loan in a single payment cover large expenses, in monthly payments to add to your retirement income, or establish a line of credit to take out when needed. You can take a larger cash advance in addition to the monthly payments you will receive.  Payment programs can be adjusted as circumstantial changes.

  • No Principal or interest Payments Due:
    Provided the Reverse Mortgage stipulations are met; nothing is due unless you move, sell the home or pass away.

  • Enjoy Retirement with Peace of Mind:
    What you owe will never exceed the value of your property.  A Reverse Mortgage can never cause you to lose your home due to an influx of Real Estate appraisals.